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I shouldn't have even left the house yesterday. I saw an extremely insane homeless man barking like a mad dog and jerking himself off in the middle of the sidewalk and some other guy I didn't even know made a really loud barfing noise right when I walked past him on the street in front of my apartment building. I'm ALWAYS ALWAYS getting my appearance insulted by fucks who don't even know me. I have a really sour expression on my passport picture because the guy who took the damn thing insulted me right before he took it. Plus I had horrendous nightmares last night about maniacs torturing dogs and some other stuff I don't even want to say what it was.
I had a lot of fun at my friends' house yesterday, I'd love to go there more often. :)
It's been raining like piss pretty much nonstop for the past two or three days. I'm still really looking forward to going to my friends' house later today but I'm not looking forward to standing around in the damn rain waiting for the dumb bus to show up. I wish I still had a car.

Feb. 20th, 2017

Looking forward to going to my friends' house tomorrow.

Feb. 19th, 2017

Trump sucks, nothing happening here.
Not much going on here now. Waiting for roomie to get ready so we can go pick up a few groceries.
This should give an idea of how seriously I take my walking, I went almost 2 miles today. In shit weather.

Feb. 16th, 2017

I had so much fun with Oliver and his husband last night! Oliver loved the brownies. We watched some TV and then went out to this great Chinese restaurant for dinner that I hadn't been to before. it's in Richmond. I had the spiciest Chinese food I'd ever had in my life which is saying a lot coming from me, i love spicy Chinese and have been to a lot of Szechuan and Hunan restaurants. It was yummers. :)

Feb. 15th, 2017

Everybody was super nice to me at beer not god last night. I just made a ton of brownies for a friend's birthday, gave some extra to roomie, and since my friend and I have birthdays very close together he's taking me out for Szechuan food tonight, yummers! (I only ate one little brownie so it's not likely to fuck up my diet.)
I got almost no sleep last night. Having some cinnamon vanilla tea helped a little tiny bit. Looking forward to Beer Not God tonight, thank fuck I have something to do other than be annoyed by You're A Big Fucking Loser If You're Not In A Couple Day.