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Take A Giant Step Outside Your Mind

Chapter Two

Andy was home and he wasn't any friendlier than usual. He joined everyone for dinner but acted really sullen through the whole meal. Everyone tried to ignore his attitude but it was upsetting, especially to Peter and Benji who were the two really sensitive people there.
Katie brought dessert out. "I made brownies, who wants some?"
Peter's eyes lit up. "The special kind of brownies?"
"I can't make those on TV!" she whispered behind her hand, looking nervous.
After they were done eating, they put on some records (the Beatles, the Stones and the Who) and everybody talked and Davy, Micky, Peter, the girls and Guillermo danced. Mike and Benji weren't big dancers but they enjoyed listening to the music and singing and the conversation.
Then, Katie made some comment in passing about wishing the Hampsters could get more gigs.
Andy snarled, "We'd probably get more gigs if you dressed better!"
Katie stared at him. "There's nothing wrong with the way I dress! You're just on some kind of fascist piggie trip!"
Andy replied, "Yeah, keep telling yourself that! Why do you keep wearing pants all the time instead of miniskirts like the other girls?"
Katie snapped, "I wear them because people should wear what they like, not just what you say!"
Mike spoke up. "Yeah, like I like my wool hat! Why don't you back off of Katie, Andy? You've been acting like a jerk."
Guillermo said, "Yeah, what are you gonna do next, starting making rude comments about us Mexicans?"
Charlotte added, "Maybe he's gonna insult me for being Japanese too, start going 'ah so' !"
Micky muttered, "He's being an ass ho." Charlotte snickered. Micky added, "Let's get out of here and go do our patented Monkees running around and acting all crazy while our song plays in the background, that always cheers us up."
Mike said, "Sure, let's go, Peter looks like he's gonna cry, Andy, you oughta be ashamed of yourself."
Davy said, "All the NICE Hampsters can come join us in our romp if they want to."
Andy was left in the house alone.


Feeling better after the romp, everyone went back in the house hoping Andy had gone out or gone to bed.
They were disappointed.
"Are you all done behaving like idiots now?" sneered Andy.
"Okay, I've had enough of this!" yelled Mike. "We were just having fun, we're not hurting you or anyone else, why'd you have to act like such a sour grape?! What's your problem, anyways?! Davy says he thinks you have some sort of problem with hi--hey, your face turned all red when I said 'Davy'! Hey, Davy, you were right!"
Davy stepped up. "Look, if your problem is with me I'd like to know what it is instead of you acting nasty with my friends."
Andy murmured, "Okay, I'll tell Davy what my problem is, but just Davy. It doesn't concern anybody else."
"Maybe everyone else should leave," Mike said. "Peter, Micky and I can go home."
Guillermo spoke up. "I need to go to the drugstore anyway, that should give me an excuse to get out of the house for a while."
Benji said, "I can go to the library to give you some privacy."
Laura added, "Why don't we girls take the Hampstermobile, drop Guillermo off at the drugstore and Benji off at the library and then drive back to the Monkees' house and hang out there so you two can talk this out?"
"Works for me," Mike said. "Davy, call us once you're done hashing this out or if you need our help with anything if things get heavy."
"Don't worry about me, Mike, I'll be all right," Davy replied.
Once Peter, Mike and Micky got in the Monkeemobile, Micky leaned out the back, whipped out a pair of binoculars and trained them on a window in the Hampsters' house, watching Davy and Andy. "I can read lips, I wanna know what they're saying."
Peter looked surprised. "What are they saying?"
"I don't have the slightest idea."
"I thought you said you could read lips."
"I can read them when people are swearing on TV."
Mike rolled his eyes. "Come on, you shouldn't be spying on them. Let's go home."

to be continued
Take A Giant Step Outside Your Mind
A Monkees Fanfic

Chapter One

As the boys finished the last strains of "Auntie Griselda", they looked out at the audience and smiled, taking their bows and loving every second of the applause and cheers. They noticed their friends (and "brother" band) the Hampsters right up front, and Micky smiled right at his girlfriend Laura, the lead guitarist. The Hampsters and the Monkees almost always came to eachothers' gigs and all of them got along great, with one exception.
"Why doesn't Andy like us?" Peter's lip wobbled.
Katie, the Hampsters' lead singer and Mike's sort of half girlfriend and half buddy, hugged Peter. "I don't know, I know he digs your music just as much as you guys like his bass playing. Andy has always kind of kept to himself. All the rest of us Hampsters dig you guys, you know that. Come on, let's go back to our place and Guillermo and Charlotte can make dinner."
Mike smiled. "All right! I don't know which I like better, Guillermo's tacos or burgers a la Charlotte Fukui."
Charlotte giggled.
Mike whispered, "Anyway I'm getting tired of Peter making dinner, all he knows how to make is Frosted Flakes."
Laura gave Micky a big kiss. "Also, he's too shy to say so but Benji wrote a new song he wants Davy to hear and Charlotte wants to show Micky here her new snare."
Davy gave a thumbs up and winked. "Can't wait to hear it." Then the smile dropped from his face. "But is Andy going to be there? I can't help noticing he always seems to get into a worse mood whenever I show up. I think the reason he doesn't like us has something to do with me."
All the other five Hampsters looked uncomfortable, even Guillermo, who was usually unphased by anything, whether it was monsters, aliens, gangsters or anything other than an untuned piano.
The Monkeemobile followed the Hampstermobile (really an early '50s paneled truck with a psychedelic paint job by Katie) to the Hampsters' house.

to be continued

Jan. 15th, 2017

Not much going on here. I tend to feel like I want something special to do particularly on holiday weekends. Night before last was fun at least.

Jan. 14th, 2017

Had a fantastic time at MST3K night last night, it was hilarious and the food was yummers.

Jan. 13th, 2017

Looking forward to MST3K night at the good old Parkway theater tonight!
Spent a good sized chunk of last night binge watching the Monkees and definitely enjoying myself. :) I used to absolutely love that show when I was a kid.
Beer Not God wasn't bad except for some dickhead who kept irritating the fuck out of me. I'm on disability and he's a libertarian, bad mix. looking forward to Drink and Draw tonight.
Had some weird dreams last night, one of which was somebody's idea of a version of Disneyland only with more adult oriented cartoons. All I remember was a giant Archer office set.
Not much going on tonight, can hardly wait till Beer Not God tomorrow.
It's been very cold and raining like piss all day yesterday and looks like it's going the same way today too. Lucky for me I have lots of books and music and DVDs and food and drink and don't need to go out for anything. The only annoying thing that happened yesterday is I stepped out of my apartment briefly to go downstairs and drop a Netflix DVD in the outgoing mailbox in my building and there was a mom and two little kids by the elevator and one of the kids pointed right at me and said something in some language I couldn't identify and I asked the mom what she said and she said she didn't know. Yeah, right. It's their language and she suddenly doesn't understand it? That makes me even more curious as to what the little rat said but I knew I wasn't going to get an answer so I dropped it. Fucking rude kids and lying parents.