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Sep. 20th, 2019

I had a very nice conversation day before yesterday with a woman who lives in my bldg and she invited me to come over to her apt. I think I've decided to do that today. :)
Went to my favorite cafe for a cup of tea and a piece of cake, then went swimming. :)

Sep. 18th, 2019

It's raining and I'm waiting to see if it stops anytime soon because I want to go swimming. Also I'm still really nervous about this electric bill shit. And I have to go to the stupid weight loss class tonight.

Sep. 17th, 2019

Roomie got a phone call from some guy in Pennsylvania whom he didn't know. I took a message but he's not going to call him back. I would at least be curious enough to call back but it's not up to me.
Not much going on here right now, it was raining earlier but then it cleared up so I went swimming.
The movie was AWESOME!
I have good news and bad news. The good news is I won that free movie pass and am going to go see the new Tarantino movie later this afternoon. The bad news is I got the biggest electric bill I've ever gotten in my life. I have not been using a lot more power. PG&E's response to the fires last year was to jack up everybody in California's electric bill. Mine was NINETY DOLLARS. It's normally nowhere near that big. I have to mail it but it's really cutting my balance fucking close. I just fucking hope I do not get an overdraft.

Sep. 13th, 2019

Had a nice long swim this morning. Just got off the phone with my dad, the good news is my mom's feeling a lot better, the pacemaker was put in and she's probably going to get out of the hospital tomorrow. The bad news is my dad didn't bother calling to tell me this yesterday, I had to call him. So I was worried sick all day yesterday for nothing. I'm going to MST night at the movies tonight and if I can win a free pass I'm going to the new Tarantino movie tomorrow.
Hanging out with my friends for a few hours last night for a couple of beers made me feel a little better.

Sep. 11th, 2019

I was in a good mood until I got off the phone with my dad. My mom has to go into the hospital tomorrow to have a pacemaker put in. I had no idea she was even having issues with her heart.