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Some fannish thoughts on Monty Python:

There are a few sketches which on retrospect come across like parodies of TV shows and other stuff in pop culture that didn't exist when Python first did them.
The sketch with the Australian guys hunting little bugs with machine guns and bazookas, etc. seems like it's making fun of the crocodile hunter.
Party Hints By Veronica=Martha Stewart parody
The animated sketch with two policemen chasing a crook through the inside of somebody's anatomy; I've been calling that "CSI:Python"
The sketch with the doctors yelling at patients and generally behaving like drill sergeants could be seen as parodying House.

I had what I thought was a brilliant idea for the Python movie that never was (and unfortunately never could be): the book of Revelations as VERY dark comedy, in fact as a sort of sequel to Life of Brian. There have of course been many, many comedians and writers who were extremely influenced by Monty Python but no one but Python can really do Python. I would LOVE to write this as fanfic, in fact I think it's the single best fanfic idea I've ever had, but I certainly am not arrogant enough to think I can write anywhere near that brilliantly to do the whole thing justice. (I'm very aware that some people do think I'm that egotistical. I'm not. I'm really not.)

P.S. this has fuck all to do with Monty Python but Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are awesome.

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