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here's a food meme:

1. Made biscuits from scratch? yes
2. Fried fresh okra? no
3. Made sourdough bread? no, despite the fact that I live in the SF bay area
4. Fried chicken? yes
5. Made spaghetti sauce from scratch? yes
6. Made any kind of yeast bread? yes. It's not hard, just very time consuming. Don't do it on a day when you have a lot of other stuff to do.
7. Baked a cake from scratch? yes
8. Made icing from scratch? yes, always. I don't like that canned icing. It has way too much sugar in it and it doesn't taste enough like vanilla or chocolate or lemon or whatever it's supposed to taste like. Those icing mixes are a little better than the canned stuff but I haven't seen one of those in ages, do they even make those anymore?
9. Cooked a pot roast with all the veggies? no, I love rare roast beef but I'm not a big fan of pot roast
10. Made chili from scratch? yes
11. Made a meatloaf? no
12. Made scalloped potatoes? yes, I used to make them all the time before I went on my diet, I put bacon and cheddar cheese and onion in there
13. Made mac/cheese from scratch? no
14. Made a jello salad? no
15. Made peanut brittle? no
16. Made fudge? yes. Fudge is the easiest candy to make and a good way to get kids into cooking.
17. Made cookies from scratch? lots of times, I even used to work at Mrs. Fields
18. Cooked a pot of beans from dried beans? yes, but it didn't come out that great
19. Cooked a pot of greens? no
20. Made cornbread from scratch? yes
21. Make a pie dough from scratch? no, when I make pies I just use the frozen crusts and concentrate my energies on the fillings
22. Cooked a whole turkey? yes, for Thanksgiving. One year I did the whole dinner myself and I felt really proud.
23. Snapped green beans and cooked them? yes
24. Made mashed potatoes from scratch? yes, as recently as last night, with sour cream, dill, garlic, tarragon and a little Irish butter
25. What’s the most people you have (alone) prepared a whole meal for? 7. My crazy ex decided to invite 5 people over whom I didn't know without bothering to tell me. >:O
26. Poached an egg? nope, I don't like them
27. Made pancakes from scratch? no, I haven't made pancakes very much at all and when I have it wasn't from scratch
28. Roasted vegetables in the oven instead of boiling them? yes. I also fry veggies or eat them raw a lot, I don't boil them very much except for potatoes or if I'm making soup
29. Made fresh pasta? no
30. Made croissants from scratch? no, I saw them making croissant dough on GBBO and it looked really hard
31. Made tuna salad? no, I don't like canned tuna. It reminds me of cat food. Love fresh tuna though, especially grilled or raw like sushi.
32. Fried fish? yes
33. Made baked beans? no
34. Made ice cream from scratch? yes, I have a Donvier ice cream maker I got at a yard sale for only $5 and before I went on a diet I used to use it all the time. I also have the Ben and Jerry recipe book.
35. Made jam or jelly? no
36. Zested an orange or lemon? yes
37. Made grits from scratch? no
38. Made an omelet? yes
39. Lived in a house without a dishwasher? yes, and I never want to do that again, especially because there was no hot water heater so I had to heat up dishwater on the stove because you can't wash dishes with cold water
40. Eaten a bowl of cereal for supper? no, but I used to have cereal as an afternoon snack far more often than for breakfast
41. Canned tomatoes or any other vegetables or fruit? no
42. Made soup stock from scratch? yes. About the only useful thing my mean crazy ex ever taught me.

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