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Only fannish people are likely to even understand this. I had to go to the drugstore this morning to get some astringent and they were playing a really trashy muzak version of a John Lennon song. To add insult to injury, it was one of his songs that I can't deal with in any form because some of his songs remind me of his death, not his life. Pure torture for me, I'm in a real sour mood now.

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    Nothing much going on here today, looking forward to a live online Rifftrax tomorrow!

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    My leg hurts like hell right now because the damn bus stop did not have a bench but other than that I had a wonderful day with J, we have such great…

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    Everybody has been super empathetic about my lack of sleep and leg pain, thank you. TV Tropes edited out something I wrote again and it wasn't just a…

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