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here's a meme:

1. Which book would you consider the best book you’ve ever read and why?
There are lots and lots of books I love, I couldn't pick one that's the best.

2. Are you an Austen person or a Bronte person?

3. Are there any genres you will not read?
I'm not real keen on romance novels; I can't identify with the characters.

4. Are you a fast or slow reader?

5. What was your relationship with books like as a child?
I loved books even more as a kid than I do now. My parents thought I had some sort of problem because I was entertained by reading and not by running around randomly in the yard like dogs.

6. Are you the type of person who will read a book to the end whether you like it or not, or will you put it down straight away if you’re not feeling into it?
I usually will read a book all the way through even if I don't like it at first just to see if it gets better later, there were only a few books I found so boring or obnoxious that I couldn't bring myself to keep reading them.

7. Have you ever despised something you have read?
Yes, a few books.

8. Do you prefer to read first person or third person?
Either is fine.

9. Are you for or against multiple narrators in the same book?
If the book's well written I don't mind it. Slightly OT but two of my favorite movies, All About Eve and Election have multiple narrators.

10. Bookmarks, dog ears or leaving the novel open and face down to keep your spot?
I'd prefer bookmarks but I will use the other two if I have to.

11. Do you prefer to read at a certain time of day?
I used to say anytime but for some reason the shutdown has made me want to read mostly at night.

12. Do you need to finish a book before you can move on to the next one, or will you have multiple books going at once?
Usually one at a time but sometimes multiple, especially if one of them is very long.

13. How do you choose which book to read next?
Depends completely on my mood.

14. What is your favourite children’s book?
Alice in Wonderland

15. Do you agree that Jane Eyre should be considered a feminist novel?
I never read it so I can't really offer an opinion on that.

16. What’s your favourite of Shakespeare’s plays?
I don't have a favorite Shakespeare play, I like most of the ones I've seen.

17. Do you know any poetry by heart?

18. Did you enjoy the Hunger Games?
I didn't read it and have no intention of doing so.

19. E-reader or traditional book?
I like both, I have borrowed people's E-readers and I admit they're better for travelling.

20. Do you read in the bathroom?
very rarely.

21. Ideal reading position?
Sitting comfortably on a chair or couch. I used to read in bed a lot but I heard that can cause sleep problems so I don't do it now unless I'm sick. (I tend to read a lot if I'm in the hospital.)

22. Hardcover or paperback?
either. I am annoyed by those cheap ass 80's paperbacks that fall apart really easily.

23. Nicest edition or cheapest edition?

24. Do you prefer happy endings or sad endings?

25. Do you enjoy concepts in books to be concrete or abstract?
What on Earth does that mean?

26. A book you studied in school and ended up loving?
Huckleberry Finn

27. Classics or modern literature?
either, there are great books and stinkers in both categories

28. Thoughts on adults reading YA?
nothing wrong with that

29. Have you ever read a book in another language?

30. Have you ever written your own book?
No, but I've written enough fanfic to fill a fairly good-sized book

OT, but I wanted to comment on this. What is it with some people who work in stores giving you back your change by folding the bills and holding them out by the edge with the coins balanced on top of them? why do some people do this? It's impossible to take the money from them when they hold it like that without spilling it on the counter.

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