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I had a really odd conversation with a vendor outside of Trader Joe's, one of the stranger points was when I was talking about covid interfering with my ability to exercise as much as I used to and she started going on about exercise being good for "spiritual balance" (fuck if I know what that means) and I go "I'm just trying to keep from gaining weight" and she actually registered surprise at the idea that exercise is good for maintaining a healthy weight!

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    Everybody has been super empathetic about my lack of sleep and leg pain, thank you. TV Tropes edited out something I wrote again and it wasn't just a…

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    I got hardly any sleep last night or the night before between leg pain and weird noises. Having some ginger tea.

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    I was not expecting that. Someone gave me a teapot. :) Also ran into a friend of mine last night, he invited me to a club on Halloween night so I'm…

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