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I'm basically having to cook my solo Thanksgiving meal in bits and pieces because I took the chicken out of the freezer 6 hours ago and it's still frozen solid!
here's a meme:

If I could be a month, I'd be June
If I could be a day of the week, I'd be Thursday
If I could be a moment of the day, I'd be mid afternoon
If I could be a planet, I'd be Saturn
If I could be an animal, I'd be a dragon
If I could be a piece of furniture, I'd be a big comfortable bed
If I could be a drink, I'd be Coke zero (not diet Coke!) with a little lemon in it
If I could be a musical instrument, I'd be Hugh Laurie's piano
If I could be an emotion, I'd be Love.
If I could be a vegetable, I'd be an avocado
If I could be an element, I'd be silver
If I could be a song, I'd be "Yellow Submarine"
If I could be food, I'd be chocolate
If I could be a part of the body, I'd be the eyes
If I could be a scent, I'd be the smell of lilac
If I could be an object, I'd be a deck of cards that was actually magic
If I could be a school subject, I'd be English
If I could be a cartoon character, I'd be either Pinkie Pie or Rick Sanchez (yes, I know how crazy that sounds)
If I could be a geometric figure, I'd be a dodecahedron
If I could be a number, I'd be pi
If I could be a country, I'd be Pepperland

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