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Night before last after I got home from the doctor's office I had a really bad case of Do Not Feel One Bit Like Making Dinner so I thought I would take the opportunity to check out the place that replaced my favorite neighborhood Chinese restaurant. The new place was also Chinese but had a totally different menu. The good news was the food was very good, I had spicy chicken wings, mu shu pork, Mongolian lamb and har gow. The bad news was it was more expensive than the other place had been. I'll go back there again but I won't go as often as I went to the old place.
I found something out last night that I think is hilarious involving two TV shows I love, Jeeves and Wooster and Boardwalk Empire. Other than them both being good shows and taking place in roughly the same era those two shows have very little in common, well, last night I found out that the same kid who played the spoiled brat son of the theatrical producer in Jeeves and Bertie grew up to play Meyer Lansky in Boardwalk Empire!! I found this out completely by accident because I was trying to look up a translation. There is a scene in the "All In" episode of BE where Meyer is beating up a guy for making anti-Semitic remarks to him and Arnold Rothstein and he's yelling at him in Yiddish while beating him up. I only know a few words of Yiddish (because I used to live in New York) so I was trying to find out what he said and that's how I found out and I confirmed it on IMDB!

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