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Some thoughts on the Manchurian Candidate, maybe my favorite political thriller, which I just watched recently for the first time in a few years:
I'm not normally a fan of Frank Sinatra but he's very effective here. I do believe in giving credit where it's due.
Now that we've seen Putin and Trump, doesn't this movie seem even more relevant?
Angela Lansbury plays one of the more memorable and scary baddies in movie history here. Bizarrely, her character does not seem to have a name.
If I listed all the visual symbolism in this movie I'd be writing all day. That being said, I love all the Lincoln references.
This is one of the first American movies to have a martial arts fight scene (of course they were pretty common in Asian 40's and 50's movies.)
Angela Lansbury's character says "you look like your head's about to come to a point" repeatedly, WTF does that even mean?
Also, the early dialogue between Frank Sinatra and Janet Leigh makes no bloody sense at all but oddly enough that's part of what I like about it.
I love the fact that the commies and the extreme right wingers are in cahoots in this movie. A lesser movie would not make that connection at all.
Any movie that names the two closest characters to heroines we get "Rosie" and "Josie" has balls the size of church bells.

P.S. there is a rumor going around online that Safeway is giving out free cupcakes. it's bullshit.

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