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Fuck. They're doing another goddamned apartment inspection next week. Last year I got singled out and threatened with eviction and this was AFTER I cleaned!! The bastards keep changing their standards on what is and is not clean enough constantly, and they SAY it's random but they pick me a lot. Last year when they tried to evict me it was after being chosen for their fucking invasion for the FOURTH time in a row. You know that saying about how insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results? What is it when you do the same thing, expect the same results, and get different results? I'm not usually paranoid but I think they are really trying to fuck with me. They also call this "annual" but that's total bullshit, they did it six times last year.
On a totally unrelated note, if I don't get a boyfriend I think I am gonna fucking explode.

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