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Day 2

A book that was an interesting failure

This was a book I took out of the library in the 90's. I don't remember the name of the author. The title was something about there being no god so I thought the book had something to do with atheism but it didn't. This person said there was no god but they believed in a "creator spirit" which was obviously just their term for the same concept as god. It gets far stranger than that. I'm pretty sure this person was either very mentally ill or playing a massive joke. The book was all gibberish and ranting about pretty much every belief system there was, past and present in a way that would make absolutely no sense to anyone no matter what they did or did not believe, for example there was one very long passage where they confused Islam with Buddhism and several Native American mythologies. At a few points they were even throwing in fairies and ancient Egyptian gods. I found the whole thing pretty damn fascinating precisely because it made no fucking sense.

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