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I went to Haight St. yesterday, because of covid I hadn't been there in 2 years and I had a really nice time but I couldn't help noticing that several places there that I absolutely love are gone now. (RIP Rasputin's, Rosamond's, Love You To Death, Haight Ashbury T shirts) Also the gate at the Bart damn near slammed shut on me while I was trying to walk through it and there was no one working there for me to warn about this. I smell a lawsuit if that thing smashes somebody in the hips. I have done most of the packing to leave for Texas tomorrow, I just have to do a little more this evening. Because I have to get up at 4 AM (eeek) I will go to bed much earlier than I normally would and hope that helps.

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    Still pretty mad about the mailboxes. I'm going to a Japanese jazz club tonight, I'm really looking forward to it. :)

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