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Yay! they did not pick me! and now everything in my apt. is nice and clean too! (Roomie/ best friend is super super helpful.)
Just saw Peter's Friends last night, what a great movie! I'd never seen it before and I loved it, the only thing is, from the first scene you would think it's a silly British comedy of the Monty Python stripe but it's not, it's a serious drama. I thought it was terrific but needed more cowbell, oops, I mean Hugh.
here's a funny meme I got from shipperfey:
take the first lines of your ten most recent fic entries and run them through Translation Party, post the original line and then the mangled translation. (my comments are in parentheses after the translation)

"See, I told you, Wilson, the Blue Meanie does not disappoint."

"Blue is not Wilson, please, please, see the disappointing result for me."
(House sounds like he took too many pills.)

I've found you can get into some pretty interesting places by acting as if you belonged there, which is how I managed to be wandering around while the set up was going on for a Band From TV concert which was going to be starting later that day.

For me, the band in concert, this Sunday as part of da world stores, you will begin the task was found drifting in a very interesting TV.

It was almost five in the afternoon.
(unchanged, but it's a very simple line, no surprises here.)

What the fuck is wrong with me?

I had sex or something?

Wilson had just opened up the door to his apartment and was about to go in when he heard a faint noise behind him.

Wilson is in his apartment and hear the first sound of the door behind him.
(Ummm, OK.)

House called in sick today, but I knew he wasn't sick.

Indeed, in the case of this disease, you can get sick in the family.
(Where'd House go?)

It was late Friday afternoon and House had probably gotten home from work.

Then, Friday afternoon at work from home, and, perhaps,.
(House has not only left, he's dropped commas all over the floor, Wilson will probably get stuck picking up after him.)

I woke up in House's bed, snuggled up with him.

Bed in my home, I snuggled up in my own metadata, I was him.
(We all know House has a dominating personality, but come on! And where'd metadata come from?)

(unchanged. A lot of my fics tend to start with one character trying to get another's attention.)

It was April the 25th.

2007, 2007 April 25 was a Sunday.
(The original line was so simple I didn't think it was going to get screwed with. and what is with these phantom Sundays??)

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