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there was supposed to be a live online Rifftrax thing on youtube today but they changed it to day after tomorrow which means I'm going to miss it because I have to go to the dentist. :(
here's a meme:

1. What sign marks the end of the summer for you?
Labor day
2. What plans, if any, do you have for the rest of the summer?
I was going to go see shows and go swimming now that some covid restrictions have lightened up a little but the pool in my apt bldg is still closed after they said they were going to open it up and most of the theaters are still closed except a few that are only showing superhero crap and other stuff I have zero interest in.
3. How would you describe your summer/winter so far – too hot, too cold, too wet, too buggy or what?
hottish. Nice that I can finally see some of my friends after over a year. I missed them so much!
4. Summer often means open windows and the sharing of conversations, music, games and so forth with everyone. What sort of neighbor are you? Loud or considerate?
I try not to play loud music after a certain time of night. Some of my neighbors' kids scream and otherwise make a racket pretty frequently, ugh.
5. Aside from spouses and pets, have you had any trouble with pests recently?
I have mice and roaches but again, it isn't really my fault because some of my neighbors are pigs and throw garbage where they are not supposed to so of course the mice and roaches come and then they get into the other apartments. I kill them when I can, I have glue traps and squish the roaches.

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