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the lovely hughville gave me the five words meme so here goes:

1. Bay Area
I've been living in northern Calif. for almost 30 years and I love it here! I've travelled all over the US and been to several foreign countries and liked almost every place I've visited but I am always glad to come home because I love it so much. Very few places in the world are unique in the way that the bay area is. I love the people, the restaurants, the cafes and bars, the stores, the crazy localized weather, the natural and man made beauty. How many places would have a bar that only seats 9 people and serves great Brit ales and Belgian beers out of a bathtub full of ice? How many places would have a cheese shop that has a live jazz trio play there almost every lunch time and is run by a socialist collective that decided to sell gourmet cheese at extremely low prices? How many places do almost all the bars let people bring their dog in there? How often do you see street musicians playing rock on a samisen or old guys who work in a barber shop play jazz clarinet between haircuts? How many cities have an annual event where adults dress up like Pee Wee Herman?

2. Cooking
I love to cook. I've been doing it since I was a kid. my parents had this really smart idea when my sister and I were kids to get us to learn how to cook. Once a week we could have anything we wanted for dinner but we had to make it ourselves. She and I are both excellent cooks now. I can do a lot of things really well but I'm particularly good with ethnic foods, especially Chinese and Italian, my two favorites, and I'm also good at baking desserts. I'm one of the few people I know who makes homemade soup.

3. Music
I love lots of kinds of music and enjoy playing it on my stereo or the computer at home, going out and hearing it either recorded or live (another great thing about the bay area is there are lots of great places to go hear music and some terrific CD stores like Amoeba and Rasputin's) and I have to have my discman (can't afford an ipod) if I go on public transit or I feel naked. I've said this before in this blog but I want to get a t shirt that says "David Bowie keeps me from killing people on the bus". I can really lose myself in the right piece of music. It somehow can soothe me in a way very little else can. and if you check the music notations on this blog you will see how diverse my taste is, I like everyone from Mozart to the Ramones.

4. Hugh!!
wow, wonder why you picked him?! haha! I love him so much. he is so talented. not many actors can play comedy and drama well the way he can. I honestly think if they had cast anyone else as House the show would have flopped and been cancelled in less than a year; people would have just said, "ugh, this guy is a butt, who cares what happens to him, let's watch something else", but Hugh is such a genius actor that he can play a character who's that obnoxious and make him totally sympathetic, make you like him. I love him in his British comedy roles too, he is just so funny and cute. I have all the Jeeves and Woosters and all the ABOFALs on DVD and i watch them all the time. And he was great in Blackadder too. and he is gorgeous, he has a sweet, adorable face and a hot masculine body.

5. tolerance
When you grow up both with a slight mental illness (Asperger's) and not being good looking, it does two things. You wind up with a lot of anger at being treated like crap just for being yourself, and it makes you more sensitive to seeing anyone else being screwed over by bullying or bigotry of any stripe, whether it's something obvious like racism or homophobia, or something less so, like the way smokers are treated like lepers (I don't like smoking either but I've seen people yell abuse at people just for standing outside having a smoke. Not cool.) I'm an atheist and we get dumped on a lot, but I'm not going to go around saying something like labelling religious people as fools, because I don't believe that they all are, many of them are very decent people, and my friends. I do believe that religious EXTREMISTS, i.e., Jerry Fallwell, Bin Laden ,etc. are fools and very dangerous fools at that, but I'd be guilty of bigotry myself if I lumped in all religious people with high profile maniacs of that sort. For example Martin Luther King very strongly believed in a deity that was both loving and just and i certainly admire him.

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