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Feeling rather lightheaded right now, didn't sleep steadily through the night and when I was sleeping I had some unusual dreams, one of the coolest was I got to write for House and Jesse was complimenting a scene I had written for him to do which he really liked a lot.
Also, three very shrimpy little kids were banging on my door trying to sell candy and they had to be all six or younger and there was no adult with them. That's dangerous isn't it? there are a lot of wackos around and who knows what could have happened. The OLDEST kid was maybe six. The youngest one looked like three or four and they were going door to door in the evening with no parents or anybody keeping an eye on them??
Then later, some kids (I don't know if it was the same ones) were running around in the hall yelling and crap and one of them pulled the damn fire alarm at 10:30 at night. Not cool.

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