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Weird shit I learned from watching House.
1. Love and sex do nothing but cause problems.
2. Insane cops can have personal vendettas and do all kinds of illegal weird crap and not get into any trouble for it.
3. Guys with very outrageous personalities tend to fall in love with women who have no personality whatsoever.
4. You are far more likely to catch some really obscure disease than a cold, appendicitis, etc.
5. If you get shot, you don't die, you just have fantasy sequences that make even less sense than acid trips.
5a. If you shoot somebody and don't get caught immediately, everybody will quickly get tired of looking for you and the person you shot won't even care much.
6. Extremely good looking guys think they look hideous if they have a screwed up leg.
7. Doctors spend far more time bitching at eachother about their personal lives than actually working.
8. If you quit or are fired from your job, you will be replaced by someone with the personality of a dead fish.
(I love the show, I just can't help noticing....)

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