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I have to tell anybody who is reading this how great I think so many of the people on here are. They're so creative and I think it's just terrific!

here's a couple of TV "drinking games""

the House drinking game: take a drink whenever
he pops a pill
they show an overhead shot of the hospital
they cut to a commercial immediately after a weird and/or gross symptom shows up
anyone says the words "lupus", "vasculitis" or "idiot"

the Monty Python drinking game: take a drink whenever
the foot comes down
the knight in armor hits somebody with a rubber chicken
the 16 ton weight falls on someone
any act of violence
Graham Chapman says the words "stop", "program" or "silly"
John Cleese says "And now for something completely different"
anyone else says "and now"
Michael Palin says "it's"
the naked guy plays the organ or piano

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