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OK, I have had more contact with a bunch of my friends so i feel better.

On the note of last night's House eppie:
With my fondness for John Lennon and "I" titles, "Instant Karma" sounds like a House fic title I would have used.
House's Grinch reference IS a line I used in the fic I'm working on now, and I had some really funny dialogue with him and Chase and Cameron and my SI right after it and NOW I have to throw that whole chunk of the fic out! RGHRHHHHH
and I hope 13's plane crashes over the Pacific and she has something really nasty happen to her involving mean indigenous people. I almost said "cannibals" but she's anorexic so cannibals wouldn't be interested in her unless she was maybe a snack for some little cannibal kid, like a McNugget.
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