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Recently got introduced to MI-5/ Spooks. I thought Hugh was sexy in House but he is smoking fucking hot in this show. the show in general is quite good, my only beef with it is the main spy in it has a girlfriend who has the most obnoxious little kid in England and he told this crotch dropping he was a spy! Oh, THAT'S going to end well....(eyeroll)
I got so worked up watching Hugh that I wanted to, hrmmph-hmm, DO something about it, but there was this guy lurking in the hall right outside my apt. and there are very thin walls so he was making me nervous. And Robot House is a Hitachi, so he's very efficient but rather loud.

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    Getting ready to watch another live Rifftrax in about an hour!

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    Tried a caipirinha for the first time today, it was super yummy!

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    I just had a nice roast beef sandwich for lunch and now I'm getting ready to watch a live Rifftrax on youtube, then afterwards I'm gonna go get a…

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