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Had a weird dream involving some characters on House and two really gory scenes in operating rooms. I would make a rotten doctor, I can't stand looking at that stuff.

Lie Meme.
"All I want is the truth, just gimme some truth!"-- John Lennon

seen in a lot of other people's LJs.
I will write five sentences, tell me which one out of the five is a lie. the other four are true.
See if you can guess which.

1. I kissed and hugged Penn and Teller.
2. My uncle was at Princeton when Einstein taught there. His fraternity had a tradition of going around singing Xmas carols the day before Xmas break and when the went to Einstein's house, he came out of the door briefly and went back inside during the first song, then came out again with his violin and played it along with their singing.
3. If I cut myself and put alcohol, iodine or mercurochrome on the cut, it doesn't sting me.
4. I won a school spelling bee once.
5. I tried to teach my niece to talk like Beavis when she was a little kid.
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