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the lovely arhh gave me the five words meme:

1. House. This is why I love the character. he is super intelligent, I love his sense of humor, his refusal to take any bullshit off of anybody. I think deep down he is a decent person under all the nastiness. I identify with him because we are both music geeks, we both know we got dealt a rather shitty hand by life and are pissed about it, we are both disabled and hate being pitied. We both even have parents who don't particularly understand us (mine aren't abusive, though.) I actually understand some of the stuff he did on the show that the other characters (including Wilson!) didn't get at all, for example, it was obvious to me that his not wanting to get rid of the bloody carpet was his way of saying "fuck off, death".

2. Hugh. This is why I love the actor. He is incredibly talented, even if he is stuck in a show or movie that's not great he will still give it his all instead of phoning it in, and when he is in the right movie or show he is a joy to watch. He is unbelievably versatile, he can play so many wildly different characters so well. You can't get much more opposite characters than House and Bertie Wooster. he is brilliant at both comedy and drama, so few actors are good at both. He is very intelligent and witty in real life. He seems to be unusually modest and quite sweet-tempered. He can write well, he is wonderfully musical, he can even dance. I've seen him juggle. I've seen him do magic tricks. I feel guilty saying this but he is gorgeous, he has an adorable face and a hot body.

3. Frappes. That's actually an old New England regionalism for "milkshakes". I was going to be chocolate shake but someone else on LJ already had that name. I'm from the east coast originally, New York (which isn't in New England) and Connecticut (which is). I'm both a bit of a linguistics geek and a total foodie, and I have a terrific sweet tooth.(I'm going to bake cookies later today!) I especially love chocolate and ice cream, and I used to work in an ice cream parlor.

4. Writing. I love to write. When I went through that dry spell a while back I really missed writing my fanfics. Most of the people in this group really inspire me. :) I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I think I have just the right line of dialogue or word, or conveyed the mood I wanted to. I love getting feedback! Also, when I write fic I can totally see and hear everything in my head.

5. Friends. I love all my friends, both online and off. You are all so special to me. I feel so lucky in that aspect of my life. It helps me so much, knowing that there are so many terrific people who like me for who I am.

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