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Not only has this damn cough stuck around for 3 weeks (although it's not as bad as it was) I seem to be having an unusually bad period. I think I'm going to call the doctor again tomorrow, eurgh. In the meantime, here's the "resistance is futile" interview meme the lovely hughville gave me to distract me.

1. When and where did you learn to bake?
It started out with me being a kid and cake mixes and that cookie dough that comes in a tube, then went on to home baking on a more advanced level, through professional classes and then working at bakeries. Not to sound egotistical but I think I'm good and a lot of people like my baking. I'm getting ready to have some of my pumpkin bread right now.

2. If House were a real person would you date him/be friends with him? why or why not?
HELLS YEAH I WOULD. I love guys who are really smart and have wicked senses of humor, like I do, I actually have a lot in common with him, we are both big music geeks, we both cut stupid people no slack and I feel like I understand him in a way that the other people on the show don't, for example it was completely obvious to me that his not wanting to get rid of the bloody carpet was his way of saying "fuck off, death" and nobody got him doing that, including Wilson. (And Wilson is a crummy friend sometimes, he really is.) We're both all pissed off because we got kind of dealt a shitty hand by life and we know it, we both have families who don't particularly understand us (although mine is not the least abusive) and we're both self-conscious about something physical about ourselves. I'm nicer and more social than he is but that's not saying a lot. I'm also a very low maintenance sort of girlfriend, I do not expect any great romantic gestures.
the only snag here is I don't think he would date me. I've seen the sort of woman he thinks is attractive.

3. what's your favorite time of year?
Autumn. it gets really pretty around where i live that time of year, both my fave holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving are that time of year, and there's just a very comforting feel around then. (I never would have given that answer when I was a kid because I loathed school.)

4. what's your favorite thing to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon?
depends on what sort of a mood I'm in. I would say put on some music, read a good book and eat some chocolate pudding.

5. How did you meet your best friend?
I briefly dated a guy who was a friend of his and he introduced us.

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