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1. Who are you and how the hell do I know you?
I see your posts on the friends page for MST House and you seem interesting. I like your sense of humor and your taste in music and anybody who likes Tom Lehrer and hates Twilight is OK in my book.
2. What's your favorite House eppie and why?
I know everyone picks this but Three Stories because we find out a lot about House and the acting is so good. Also Merry Little Xmas just for House and Dwarf Mom, he had more chemistry with her than ANY other female character on the show.
3. If you could live anywhere where would you live?
I love the SF Bay area, which is where I live. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, although I love going to different places to vacation.
4. What do you do for a living and if you hate it what would you like to do?
I'm on disability. I do hate it because I get paid very little and I feel useless. I would love to do something creative for a living, such as write, or act, or be an artist or musician.
5. What kinds of pets do you like?
I love animals in general, I love dogs, cats, birds, ratties, rabbits, snakes, horses, ferrets etc. the only pets I don't like are fish because I find them totally boring. Fish are not pets, they're dinner.

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    Got a whole bunch of groceries at Trader Joe's this morning and amazingly enough there was no line either!

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    I'm feeling testy right now because I'm super tired, I got only about 2 hours sleep last night but at least I got everything done today that I had to…

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    Had a couple of glasses of Apothic Dark and watched Jackie Brown, so I had some vino and Tarantino! :)

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