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Year in review meme
post the first sentence for each month of this year as it was originally posted in your LJ.
Jan. Well, i just got back from vacation late last night!
Feb. I had a fantastic birthday party yesterday!
Mar. Just got up and had a shower, not quite awake yet.
Apr. I am in an excellent mood right now because it's payday, I'm going to St. Stupids later (an annual SF event for April Fools involving people wearing crazy costumes and pranking) and I'm gonna go see Monsters Vs. Aliens tonight!
May I am still a bit buzzed because i not only got a lot accomplished yesterday, but I also made a few new friends, which I always like doing.
June Did not get anywhere near enough sleep last night, I've been awake since about 3 AM and am now waiting for roomie to get up so we can go to the grocery and the Star Trek movie later today.
July the lovely deelaundry asked me to do the 5 words that remind me of you meme
Aug. I wish I didn't have such a damn hard time drawing Hugh, I have about a million ideas for fan art and I can't do any of them.
Sep. I'm not sure how many people would understand how I feel but I'm depressed because Black Oak went out of business.
Oct. Only Mystery Science Theater fans and D&D players are even going to understand this.
Nov. I had an AMAZING Halloween.
Dec. Had to deal with a truly amazing number of idiots and just plain inconsiderate jerks yesterday, thank goodness for my friends, they keep me from going fucking bonkers.

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