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It's Time You Got a Life, Part 2

part 1 can be found here:

a/n: some deviation from canon in that Cameron and Chase didn't split up. my SI narrates.

I giggled at House's calling me a "human iPod" as we walked through the lobby, past the detritus of the hospital Christmas party earlier that evening and towards the front doors. He looked back over his shoulder and I followed his gaze to a really disconsolate-looking Wilson a little ways behind us.
"Wait," House said quietly, and I stopped in my tracks, Chase and Cameron following suit. House stepped over to an upright piano left from the party and immediately started to play Vince Guaraldi music from the Charlie Brown Christmas special.
I looked back at Wilson to see a smile spreading slowly, tentatively over his face.
Cameron waved at him. "Would you guys like to come back to our place for a little while? I could fix us some hot buttered rums."
"I thought you were tired," I said.
"I'm too tired to go out, not too tired to go home and fix a few drinks and snacks," Cameron replied, smiling.
Wilson smiled. "Sure."
I looked over at House cautiously, "Well, I'd like to but do you want to or are you feeling too grinchy??"
"I'll hang out with the Whos if I get some free booze," House replied in suessish doggerel.
All five of us stepped out into the parking lot. Being from California, I reacted more strongly to the cold than the others. "Damn, I've been away from the east coast too long!"
I promptly got zapped by a snowball and whipped around just in time to see a high furrowed brow and devilishly crinkling, almost lapis eyes peep up from behind a car and duck back down again.
I laughed.
"I thought you were going to get mad," Chase commented.
"A lot of dealing with House is choosing to laugh instead of getting mad," I replied.
"Hear hear!" Wilson added.
"The only thing that's kind of annoying right now is not being able to throw any snowballs back because I was a dingbat and forgot my glo--thank you, Wilson!" I put on his padded gloves and quickly made a snowball and hurled it at House.
"HA! MISSED BY A MILE, YOU'RE TOO SLOW TO GET A CRIPPLE!" House chucked another snowball at me but I ducked and it got Wilson. This rapidly turned into a snowball fight between all five of us that went on for about fifteen minutes.
"Okay, okay," Wilson panted. "If we're going over to Cameron and Chase's to have a few we should probably drop House's car off at our condo and then the three of us can take a cab over, it'll be safer."
"Sure," I replied. "I have some cookies I can bring over for everybody, too."
House smirked, "Just don't eat any of the white popsicles Cameron's got in her freezer," nudging me with his cane.
"What's that all about?"
House whispered in my ear, "Dead husband spooge, I'm not kidding," causing me to yelp a little in revulsion, then he said a bit louder, "We'll only stay for a little while, me, you and Wilson have another thing we want to do to celebrate," then whispering again, "I'll be damned if I only come once a year," getting me to laugh and Wilson to blush Santa-suit red.
After dropping off House's car at his and Wilson's, it took very little time for us to flag down a cab. House grinned when he heard the cab radio playing classic rock instead of Christmas music, even wailing "Don't ask me to be Mr.Clean, 'cause baby I don't know how!" cheerily along with the Allman Brothers.
When we got to Chase and Cameron's it looked cozy to the point of almost over the top.
After a couple of hot buttered rums, House, Wilson and I were feeling nice and relaxed but for some reason Chase felt some sort of need to apologize at length to me for being a bully when he was a kid despite the facts that a) we didn't know eachother when we were kids, b) I'm a good deal older than he is.
"How the hell did he even know I was one of those outcast kids?" I said while Chase was in the bathroom, giving House the fishy eye.
"Hey, don't look at me," House shrugged.
By the third drink, Chase was out like a light.
"Wow, what a lightweight," House snorted.

to be continued

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