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annual fic summary

Most underappreciated: there were lots of jokes and references in "It's Time You Got a Life" but the only one nobody seemed to get was what day House's birthday was, today, January 6th.

Most fun: I have fun writing all my fics, but probably "Insurance and Insolence"

Sexiest: "Insulin"

Single sexiest moment: the bathtub oral sex scene in the "Greed" chapter of "Inferno"

Holy crap, that's wrong even for you moment: in the "Envy" chapter of "Inferno" when House is saying that he isn't the sort of person who gets trapped in abusive relationships and is baffled as to why he's in one, that was me many years ago.

Fic that shifted my own perception of the characters: "I'm Not In Love"

Biggest disappointment: Not being able to finish "Insurance and Insolence". Every eppie of Blackadder revolves around him wanting something and scheming, I wanted to have him trying to get into Cuddy's pants, there should also be some scene with a full on snark battle between him and House, and Baldrick hasn't even shown up yet. I want to have one scene with this bit of dialogue:

House: Who gives a rat's ass?
Baldrick: I had rat's arse for dinner...

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