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Having a bad period and broke, here's a couple of memes i got from the lovely emeriin to distract me:

1. What's your favorite House eppie?
I know everybody picks this but I love Three Stories. Also Merry Little Xmas just for House and dwarf mom. I actually wrote a fic pairing them up. (yes, THAT way.)

2. When did you first start getting into Hugh?
I liked him ever since I first saw him in Blackadder (I am a big Brit comedy geek and have been since the 70s) in 92 or 93 but I didn't decide my purpose on Earth was to lick butterscotch sauce off of him till I saw the first eppie of House. I fought it for a long time.

3. Who else other than the NC do you like on TWGWTG?
I like the Nostalgia Chick a lot. I think she'd be fun to hang out with. The Bum is funny too.

4. do you ship any of them?

5. What's your least favorite food?
Beets. barf. my least favorite restaurant is McDonalds if you're curious.


It's been years since I was this fascinated by a fictional character. I love him for his mind, for his wit, for his take no bullshit attitude. I identify with his skepticism, with his lack of tolerance for stupidity, with his intellectual curiosity, with his love of music. I feel as if I understand him in a way the other characters on the show don't. I want a Pleasantville remote so I can jump into the TV and take him into my arms (and tell Wilson he's a crummy friend in some eps).

I love him because he is super talented and has a charming personality (OK, I've never met him but I've seen and read a zillion interviews and things). Very few actors can play both comedy and drama well the way he can, I love to listen to him sing and play music, he writes well, he can dance, he can even juggle! He 's sweet, he's funny, he's smart and he's not stuck up about it. Also anybody who can upstage Rowan Atkinson's a fucking miracle worker.

Giant squid
I had this crazy ass dream about a year or two ago where I was on a pirate ship crewed by celebrities and fucked up looking Muppets (if you've seen "Meet the Feebles" you will have a good idea of how they looked) and there was some sort of infighting going on between two factions of the crew and Hugh got brought up before the captain (I forget what celebrity he was) on some sort of mutiny charge. The captain was threatening to "torture" Hugh by, of all things, threatening to put a cookie down his pants and I went, "Oo, lucky cookie," and Hugh goes "Stop it". then the captain decides to throw Hugh to this giant squid lobster thing they had on board. Hugh got scared, then he got even more scared when he got locked in a room with this thing and it starts putting a Barry White album on like it wants to fuck him! I kicked the door in while carrying this weapon that looked like a cross between a large rifle and a small bazooka that shot fireballs and said "Let go of him you bitch" like Sigourney Weaver or Samwise. I shot a fireball which not only blew the monster into pieces but cooked it, said, "World's largest seafood platter!" then ran over to Hugh who gave me a big hug and kiss. Meanwhile the mutiny has just succeeded and there were fireworks going off.
Hugh: You just won in a pirate story but you didn't get any treasure.
Me: Right now, I'm looking at two blue jewels that are worth more to me than any treasure.

I enjoy being one. It's fun to be in contact w/ other fans through good old LJ too, my offline friends are awesome but they're mostly not into the same fandoms I am. the only really annoying thing is some people have accused me of wanting to stalk Hugh. I would NEVER DO THAT.

I have really crazy ones sometimes as you can tell. some of them are even crazier than that one.

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