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It's Time You Got a Life (part 4)

Chase suddenly found himself on a beach in the middle of summer. It was fairly crowded and he started looking around, trying to get his bearings.
The old man who called himself an angel was right next to him and he pointed out a big, buff looking guy. "That's Scott Taylor."
Chase's eyes bugged. "He was a bony little runt when we were kids! I used to shove him around!"
"You weren't the only one, Robert. Unfortunately, he got bullied worse than that, one night he got gay bashed by some bigger nasty boys and this made him decide to start working out so he'd never have to deal with getting beaten up like that again."
"I didn't know he was gay, not that I have a problem with that."
"We angels don't have a problem with gay people either, lots of us are gay. In fact, every time a straight person decides to get over their homophobia, an angel gets their wings."
"I should go apologize to him."
"That's not necessary, Robert--"
Chase walked over to him. "Scott Taylor?"
"Who the hell are you?"
"Robert Chase. We went to school together."
Another man walked out of the surf and rapidly headed towards them. "Who's the pretty boy, Scott?" he said, sounding annoyed.
"No one you need to worry about, Andrew, just some guy who says he went to school with me who I don't know from Adam's asshole and am not interested in." He put emphasis on the last four words and Chase realized Andrew was a jealous boyfriend and backed off immediately, not wanting to start a fight.
"I told you that wasn't necessary, Robert," the angel chided. "I just wanted you to know that people who got bullied have ways of dealing with it, and the best way for you to deal with your guilt is to discourage bullying in others. Do you remember Sharon Nguyen?"
"Yeah, I went to high school with her. I wasn't very nice to her, she was sort of the Asian nerd stereotype."
"Come with me."

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