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It's Time You Got a Life (part 5)

The angel and Chase suddenly transported back to a building that Chase recognized immediately, "Hey, my old high school! Wait a minute, this building was torn down!"
"We've gone back in time, Robert, so they can't see or hear us at all, but I'm sure you recognize most of these people."
"I'd know my old mates anywhere! But you mentioned Sharon Ngyuen, I wasn't friends with her."
"There she is."
"She looks lonely. I know, I should have been nicer to her, I do feel bad about it now."
"Unfortunately, it's worse than you thought. She had a big crush on you."
"If I recall correctly, you had a girlfriend in high school named Carol Johnson, with whom you had a very bad break up."
Chase shuddered. "That's putting it mildly, I found out she had been shagging half the boys in school behind my back, between that and my alcoholic mum, I think that really screwed me up about women for ages."
"I don't enjoy having to tell you this, Robert, but I have no choice. If you had been nice to Sharon, she would have wound up being your girlfriend instead of Carol, you both would have been a lot happier and even remained friends for years after you weren't a couple anymore."

Cameron nudged Chase. "Robert!"
"Oh god, I had the weirdest dream."
"I had to wake you up, House was getting ready to put shaving cream in your mouth."
"No I wasn't!!" came a yell from the bathroom. Wilson and CF looked sort of embarrassed.
Wilson cleared his throat. "We really should get going anyway, as soon as House gets out of the bathroom."
CF hugged Chase and Cameron. "Good night, you guys, Merry Christmas, and thanks for the drinks and stuff."

the end
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