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Still a bit grossed out about the Hugh fucking Barbie movie, I'll deal with it though.

Here's the five word meme from the lovely hughville to distract me.

1. Tea
I am a serious tea junkie, if I believed in stuff like reincarnation I'd swear I was British or Asian in a past life. I HAVE to have my tea when I get up. I had a pot of Phoenix Mountain Oolong when I got up this morning, I buy the loose teas as well as the bags, and there are a bunch of cafes and Asian style tearooms I love to hang out in around the bay area. Not too many Brit style tearooms, unfortunately. A really good friend of mine used to own one that I patronized all the time but it closed down when he and his boyfriend moved to Canada. At any given time I usually have four or more kinds of tea in my home.

2. Intelligence
The thing I value the most in myself, the thing I respect most in other people. Anyone can lose their looks. Anyone can lose their money. Intelligence will be there when other things fail us. I have no patience for stupidity. None. Why do you think I relate to House?

3. Humor
the other thing I value the most in myself and others, I will cut people an amazing amount of slack if they can make me laugh. Some women like handsome guys, some women like athletic guys or romantic guys, I like funny guys. Most of my favorite TV shows and movies are comedies and when I'm in a bookstore I nearly always go for the humor section first. And almost all my fics have some element of humor in them except for a couple of really angsty ones like "I'm Not In Love".

4. Art
I love art. I was kind of spoiled growing up because I'm from the East Coast and spent a lot of time in New York City, which has amazing art galleries and museums. When I was a kid I wanted to live in an art gallery. My apartment has lots of posters and photos and folk art and stuff in it and if you put me in an art book store I can just hang out there happily for hours. I also can't help but be impressed with some people on my f list and their talent.

5. Blackadder
I love this show, it's so funny! Hugh is adorable and hilarious in it, of course, but everybody in that show is so funny. it's one of those shows that never gets tired. I would love to meet anyone on that show.

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