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Fic meme gotten from the lovely emeriin:

1. What is your favorite fic?
I change my mind about this periodically but I'd say either "Slippery Fingers", my Jeeves and Bertie entry in mmom, or "Inferno", my only real dark!Wilson fic, which is themed around the seven deadly sins and was inspired by dreamsofspike's dark!Wilson fics, especially her seven deadly sins one. here are the links to mine:

2. Which is your best-received fic?
probably either my Dr. Seuss parody, "Is House a Louse"? or its total opposite, "Impunity", a very sad post "Wilson's Heart" fic,

3. Which is your worst-received fic?
unfortunately, it's "Infarction-tastic! the House musical" which I liked a lot but some people really hated. links:

4. Which is your angstiest fic?
no contest. "I'm Not In Love". my other angsty fics have some element of hope or getting even. this has nothing of the kind.

5. Which is your funniest fic? "Iggy Pop Go The Zombies". House cast in "Shaun of the Dead" essentially.

6. Smuttiest?
again, no contest. "I Know This Much Is True". entire original House cast and my SI have an orgy. this is the link to the setup: and this is the link to the orgy itself:

7. Fluffiest? probably "Infarction-tastic!" or "Slippery Fingers".

8. Have you ever made someone cry with a fic? not that I know of.

9. Which fic frustrates you the most? "Insurance and Insolence", my House/Blackadder crossover. There were some very funny moments in it but I couldn't finish it, there should have been some big snark battle between House and Blackadder, Baldrick hadn't even shown up yet, and since almost every Blackadder eppie revolves around him wanting something and scheming (and usually not getting it) I had him trying to get into Cuddy's pants. It could have been great but I couldn't figure out where to go with it.links:

10. Which fic was the most fun to write? either "Insulin" (House seducing Wilson w/caramel apple) or "Jeeves and the Very Happy Ending" (Jeeves and Bertie/Dr. Who crossover)

11. Who is your favorite OC ever created? I probably do more self-inserty stuff than maybe I should but I don't Mary Sueify myself in the least. Most of my other OCs only appear in minor roles.

12. Are you better at one shot or multiparts? I think probably oneshots.

13. Which character do you think you're the nest at portraying? House, probably because I identify more with him.

14. Which character is the most difficult to portray? either Cameron or Cuddy because I have the least amount in common with them.

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