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I have this weird theory that every band, TV show, person, has their total opposite. The opposite of the Grateful Dead is the Ramones. (I happen to like both of them but my taste in music goes all over the damn map as you can probably figure out if you've read a lot of my posts.) The opposite of "The Brady Bunch" is "M*A*S*H". (Holy moly, do those asterisks ever fuck up my typing speed!) The opposite of me is George w. (Hail to the chimp!) the opposite of Hugh Laurie is...Madonna!
here's proof.
Hugh: British person who is very good at faking American accent.
Madonna: American who sucks ass at faking British accent.
Hugh: Very talented at acting (both comedy and drama) music, singing, and can even dance.
Madonna: Acting is so bad even her fans don't bother going to her movies, can't play any musical instrument, sings like yappy little dog and dance ability consists largely of spastic flapping and twitching with crotch grabs.
Hugh: notoriously modest.
Madonna: massive ego even by showbiz standards.
Hugh: turns me on no end.
Madonna: makes celibacy look attractive to me.

Probably a bunch of Madonna fans are gonna want to lynch me after this but i don't care. :P
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