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(House fanfic. an answer to "Wilson's heart")
Spoiler Alert! If you haven't seen 'Wilson's Heart' this fic will make no sense!

She has been told everything that happened. She runs to his room. The first words out of her mouth are, "You did everything you could," as she walks quickly to his bedside.
The expression of sorrow on his face breaks her heart as she starts to lift her right arm, wondering if he will accept her holding his hand or if he's in a bad enough state of self-loathing that he'd reject any attempt at affection and push her away.
He does neither.
He stares at the ceiling. She's not even sure he's aware of who she is. Her right arm droops. Her shoulders slump. Her shoulders normally NEVER slump.
She's completely uncertain what to do. She sort of hovers next to the bed for what is probably only a few seconds, but it feels like much longer.
Tentatively, she reaches out with her left hand and very gently strokes his face from his high, angular cheekbone to his jaw stubble. His pale blue eyes focus on her and his long fingers squeeze her right hand and the faintest ghost of a smile briefly forms on his lips.
She smoothes back a small wisp of hair and softly kisses his furrowed brow. He looks slightly puzzled.
She leans forward and whispers, "I love you" in his ear as quietly as she can. He holds her hand more firmly and she sees that brief phantom smile again for a second. She sits down in a chair next to the bed.
She gets the feeling he's not going to let go of her hand anytime soon.
He hasn't said anything.
He'll talk when he's ready.
She'll be listening.

many many thanks to akumatatsu 61 for his help in writing this and for his all-around emotional support.
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