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Day 11

a show that disappointed you

I hate to say this, but Fortysomething. The only part I liked was Hugh running around naked. I didn't find the rest of the show funny, I just felt sorry for him. His wife was a bitch to him for no apparent reason. It's funny on Fawlty Towers when Sybil bitches at Basil because Basil is a jerk and lies to her a lot and kind of has it coming, but Hugh is not a jerk on that show, he's very well meaning and just sort of depressed, and I don't blame him. his kids on that show are kind of annoying too and don't respect him at all. Also, his wife on that show was insane and an idiot because she was constantly refusing to have sex with him. If I was married to him I'd wear him out (but he'd be happy!)

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