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day 15

your favorite female character

I don't care if they're not fictional, I'm picking Jennifer and Clarissa, the Two Fat Ladies! They're well educated, they've been all over the world, they're funny, they're a little crazy in a very charming British sort of way, they obviously don't hate themselves for being fat, they pretty much single-handedly disprove the stereotype that Brits can't cook, they don't go mad with the salt like a lot of TV chefs do (cough cough emeril cough) and they even have a cool motorcycle!

(icon is because House is being a pissant because he's annoyed I didn't pick someone "hot")

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    Got a whole bunch of groceries at Trader Joe's this morning and amazingly enough there was no line either!

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    I'm feeling testy right now because I'm super tired, I got only about 2 hours sleep last night but at least I got everything done today that I had to…

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    Had a couple of glasses of Apothic Dark and watched Jackie Brown, so I had some vino and Tarantino! :)

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