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day 23

most annoying character

fuck it, I'm putting in 20 Top Annoying Characters, and I'm not even counting various characters we're not supposed to like or shows where ALL the characters were annoying (cough seinfeld cough friends cough cough)

in no particular order:

1. Elmo
2. Hodges on CSI
3. 13
4. Barney the dinosaur
5. Wesley Crusher
6. Felix Unger (annoying but amusing)
7. Madeline Basset
8. Gil on the Simpsons (doesn't help that he starting showing up with the shark jump)
9. Daria's mom (Quinn is more annoying but she's supposed to be annoying)
10. Whitley on a Different World
11. Mary Tyler Moore
12. Ricky Ricardo
13. Brain guy on MST
14. Rocky the Flying Squirrel (no personality and he's so dumb he doesn't recognize Boris Badenov when all Boris did was change his hat and take his jacket off. He couldn't even fly by himself, Bullwinkle had to throw him)
15. not Stella but the other woman on the early eppies of CSI:NY, I can't remember her name (Stella's cool, though, I'd like to see her and House as a couple if I wasn't so into him with Wilson. Or me!)
16. Stuart's mom on Beavis and Butthead
17. the 11th doctor
18. Cuddy, seasons 4-6
19. any of Wilson's exes
20. Mindy (as in Mork)
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