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Long ass post is long so I will break it up into chunks.

More than one person has asked me what I'd like to see happen on House so here goes.


1. By definition, fanfic is stuff you'd like to see happen on the show, so all of my House fic, even the stuff I know Fox would never actually have the nards to put on like the Blackadder crossover.

2. somebody going out on the roof and catching him asleep sunbathing naked while playing "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode on his boom box. Later in the same eppie, CGI "Fantastic Voyage" sequence like they have on the show depicting various body functions. this one is depicting a male orgasm while the Johnny Cash version of PJ is playing in the background. Pull back to reveal House doing an "O" face.

3. CSI crossover w/ the CSI guys catching the guy who shot House.

4. CSI crossover w/ the following sequence, Grissom (yes I know he's not on the show anymore, I miss him!) and one of the other guys walking through some casino talking about bacteria, they walk by a poker table, one of the players has a cane slung over the back of the chair, he turns around, it's House, he throws in some relevant comment regarding the bacteria
Grissom: (polite, casual) Hi, Greg.
House: (also polite, surprisingly) Oh, hey, Gil.
end scene, no cutesy stuff!

5. Cameron joins Doctors Without Borders. (she so would) she periodically writes letters to the other characters and stays on the show in that context.

6. House/Catherine Willows

7. House/Stella Buonasera

8. House/Abby the goth chick from NCIS (only character on that show I find interesting.)

9. Guy Who Shot House and Tritter rolling around in the street fighting in a very Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction sort of way. They both get run over and squished into anchovy paste by Vogler, who has gone insane and then drives the car off the cliff a la Thelma and Louise. The car lands on 13.

10. Cameron comes back.

11. Cuddy acting more like she did in Seasons 1-3

12. Wilson being a better friend to House, god damn it!

13. general H/W slash with no fake outs

14. House and Wilson getting into the med pot and fucking like bunny rabbits on Viagra

15. House listening to Distorted View and laughing his ass off

16. House reading the Placebo Journal (he so would!!)

17. House visiting the Mutter Museum (he'd love it)

18. Emeriin's tentacle Wilson story

19. more "Chinese food and laughing" type scenes

20. House having some other friends

21. Chase getting another girlfriend (i think he needs one)

22. Foreman being supportive and House actually taking it to heart

23. Jeeves and Bertie in jokes

24. Stephen Fry being the POTW

25. Stephen Fry playing a stupid doctor

(to be continued)
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