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karaokegal's movie star meme
Name your favorite movie starring each actor or actress named. if you want to do this meme, comment and I will give you 10 actors and 10 actresses.

1. Hugh Laurie--either Sense and Sensibility or Peter's Friends
2. Stephen Fry--Wilde
3. Tim Robbins--the Player
4. Hugh Jackman--the Prestige
5. William Peterson--haven't seen any of his movies, think he was awesome in CSI though
6. Ryan O'Neal--Paper Moon
7. Ben Gazzara--the Spanish Prisoner
8. George Peppard--haven't seen any of his movies I really liked
9. Russell Crowe--same as George
10. Christopher Reeves--first Superman movie or Deathtrap

1. Debra Winger--Shadowlands
2. Carrie Fisher--Austin Powers or Hannah and her Sisters
3. Susan Sarandon--Rocky Horror
4. Emma Thompson--Sense and Sensibility
5. Joanne Woodward--I don't think I've ever seen one of her movies (embarrassed)
6. Audrey Hepburn--not a fan of hers
7. Grace Kelly--Rear Window
8. Annette Benning--Mars Attacks
9. Hillary Swank--Boys Don't Cry
10. Sissy Spacek--the Man with Two Brains
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