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day 17

a song you hear often on the radio

actually I don't listen to the radio very much except for classical music because the rock stations around here play the same ten songs over and over (even the oldies stations do this) and the jazz stations play too much wimpy Kenny G type crap that isn't even real jazz. I listen a lot more to my own music collection and my roomie's and music online.


Chapter 2

Cameron snapped into the phone, "I don't know how you got my home number, seeing as it's unlisted, but I don't want any part of some weird revenge plan against House!"

"Oh, and by the way, Lucas, I heard about your little prank involving loosening the grip bar on House's tub, and I am thoroughly disgusted. Hadn't it even occurred to you that he could have cracked his head open in there and been really seriously injured, or even killed?! Don't you have any scruples at all?"

"No, I will not relax! It's bad enough when people damn near kill somebody out of ignorance. I had to deal with that today with an idiot who didn't know you aren't supposed to give babies honey, I was able to save the baby's life, but to cause that sort of potential damage out of malice rather than ignorance, I, I just have no words."

Cameron sighed. "They can't digest it. It gives them very bad diarrhea and they get dehydrated. Cuddy let you babysit and you didn't know that?"

" If you're mad at Dr. Cuddy for dumping you you should talk to her about it like an adult, for god's sake, not sneak around with revenge plots like a kid playing spy! I don't need this!"

to be continued

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