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day 19

a song from your favorite album

my favorite album is Sgt. Pepper and my favorite animated movie is Yellow Submarine so here's a link to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds:

(what you can't see on the youtube clip but you can only see if you watch Yellow Submarine on the big screen is at the end of the song when the Beatles walk away from the big giant head there is a very rudely-shaped cloud in the sky, hehe)


Chapter 4

Cuddy and Foreman happened to walk out of the hospital at the same time in the evening when she looked over to the empty motorcycle parking space closest to the building, with the wheelchair stencil.

"Foreman, did you see where House went?"

Foreman looked at his watch. "He went off shift and left here almost half an hour ago, I assume he went home."

"No, I don't think so, I called his home phone and nobody answered, and his cell's turned off."

Foreman thought, "He didn't do anything crazy at work today, what's she have to keep tabs on him for?" but he knew better than to say this out loud, all he said was, "I don't know, maybe he stopped off to get a coffee somewhere or something."

Cuddy grumbled, more to herself than Foreman, "He spent more time around me when we weren't dating."

Foreman looked away from her in order to hide an eyeroll. "Your and House's personal lives are really none of my business, if you don't need anything else from me right now, I'm going to go home myself, all right? I'll see you tomorrow."

As he walked to his car, he thought, "I know how much of a jackass House can be but he still doesn't need that short of a leash on him, and he definitely didn't deserve that stunt on Thanksgiving, that was messed up." But he knew full well there was no way he could say that to Cuddy.
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