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Part 3 of my 20 things I Like in Each of my Interests meme:
Food and Drink
1. deep dish pizza (my fave topping is sausage)
2. tea
3. fried chicken
4. Chinese roast duck
5. "candy drinks", i.e., banana daiquiris, Pina coladas, chocolate martinis, etc.
6. gumbo
7. almond shortbread cookies
8. chocolate pudding
9. cheese
10. breakfast out at a cool diner
11. drunken chicken (not too many Chinese restaurants do this but it's great)
12. curry
13. any dessert at Citizen Cake in SF
14. ice cream
15. bagels
16. high end burgers
17. steak
18. dim sum
19. anything Caribbean or Latin American
20. barbecued spare ribs

next: literature
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