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day 27

a song you wish you could play

as I wrote yesterday, I can't play any musical instruments. I wish I could.


Chapter 9 (NC-17)

House stared at Wilson, who was sitting on his couch crying piteously. For once he was completely at a loss for words. "Shit, I'm no good at comforting people," he thought and sat down next to him.

Wilson sort of instinctively leaned into his shoulder and sobbed, and suddenly, impulsively, House kissed him on the cheek. Wilson drew back a little and there was a split second of shocked staring into eachother's eyes, and then Wilson kissed him back. On the lips.

And then they kept kissing.

And it kept getting less and less platonic.

And there was a trail of clothes leading into House's bedroom.

"We must really be drunk, I can't believe we're doing this."

"I can't believe a guy who's ten years older than I am and has a bad leg is in better shape than me."

House laughed at this, a laugh completely devoid of the usual sarcasm and bitterness. Wilson couldn't help smiling. "You standing in your underpants and looking joyous, you're lucky I don't take your picture right now, because no one would believe it if I told them."

"I have to ask you, have you been with a guy before? I'm used to it."

Wilson blushed. "Actually, I haven't."

"OK, we'll just take this nice and slow and we'll only do what we both want." House wrapped his arms around Wilson and they both rolled slowly onto the bed and started touching and exploring eachother's bodies. Wilson felt rather startled at how gentle House was with him.

Suddenly House stopped and looked rather self-conscious.

"You of all people are acting shy?"

"I know some people don't like...." House pulled down his underpants.

"I put up with all your craziness, you really think I care that you haven't seen the mohel?"
House began to trail kisses down Wilson's torso, causing him to giggle once he got to his stomach. "Oh my god, your stubble is tickling the hell out of me!"

"Just you wait, Wilson..." House's tongue began slowly circling the head of Wilson's cock, causing him to gasp raggedly.

"oooooooooo, when we're done I wanna do the same for you," Wilson panted, "but I've never done it before, what if I suck at it?"

House lifted his head and laughed again. "Do you realize what you just said?"

Wilson slapped his own forehead. "Oh, for god's sake, you know what I mean!"

House smiled. "Just relax. Anything that feels good when done to you will feel good when you do it to me, one of the benefits of us having the same equipment, I just got the goy model."

Several hours later, the sun shone through the closed curtains in an Edward Hopper-like way on two very relaxed, satisfied guys sleeping.


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