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Not much going on right now so I will do a couple of memes. first, if you comment with "Beam me up, Scotty!" I will ask you five questions, then you post the answers in your LJ and pass it on. Lilithisbitter gave me the following five questions:

1. What is your favorite breakfast cereal? two that aren't made anymore, Almond Delight and Team Flakes. :(
2. What is the one movie you can quote from beginning to end? more than one, the most obvious being Rocky Horror
3. Which character do you like writing the most? House, of course!
4. What unreleased on video series would you like to see on DVD? two shows I loved when I was a kid from the early 70s, Tomfoolery (animated Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear) and the Curiosity Shop (a kids' show that I'm pretty sure was made by potheads)
5. What do you like more? Dogs or cats? I love them both equally.

also, wasabi_girl asked me to name five songs I love beginning with O

1. Octopus's Garden by the Beatles
2. Oh, Yoko by John Lennon
3. Outta Space by Billy Preston (the instrumental version)
4. Original by Kana
5. Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes

if you want to do this meme comment and ask for a letter and I promise not to give you Q, X or Z
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