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here are the five questions I got from juliana_thursday:

1. You get to spend one day with Hugh Laurie. What do you do? I'd spend most of the morning just talking with him and listening to him sing and play music. I'd take him to lunch at this Chinese restaurant I really like and then ride out and explore the bay area with him on his bike, showing him some of the most beautiful parts of it. In the evening, we'd go back to my place and I'd make him a great dinner (whatever he likes) and some really special dessert. Then we'd go over to this pub I like a lot in SF (if he's feeling homesick for England he'd probably love it) then we'd go wherever he's staying and make love. :)

2. You win the lottery. What is the very first thing you do? Buy a car. I hate the bus!

3. You meet the Doctor and he offers to take you to any period in time. Where do you go? the 60s!

4. Any weird habits? Whenever I watch a united Artists movie, when they show the logo at the beginning of the movie, I trace my fingers in the air in front of me in the shape of the old logo with the blue lines at right angles. I do this because I liked that old logo and think the newer ones look stupid and boring.

5. (and b/c I quite like this question) Ben and Jerry want to name an ice cream after you. What flavor is it? It'd have to be something with chocolate, butterscotch or maple. Possibly all three?

and five questions I got from legrotesque:

1. What's your favourite Hugh movie? either Peter's Friends or Sense and Sensibility, although I really prefer his TV work.
2. Other than Hugh, who's your favourite House star? What have they been in that you loved? I love RSL, he is really a good actor (although his character was a total jerk in Much Ado About Nothing, I felt like smacking him in that movie)
3. Post three of your favourite icons, explain why you love them, and if you use them for specific reasons (i.e., I use the Osaka Dancing one when I'm happy, and the Witch Crying one when I'm upset and being emo). I can't get the icon post thing to work properly, but three of my favorites are the one up top because Hugh looks so friendly and confident in that pic, the one of House going "eww!" which I usually use when I'm grossed out or for general LULZ, and the one with Jeeves looking smug because it works really well when I'm posting in reaction to someone doing something dumb or offensive.
4. How old are you? How old do you feel? What sort of things were prominent in your childhood? (Shows, music, events) I'm 48. I feel a LOT younger largely because most of my friends are younger than me, and because I never really forgot how to have fun. I actually had a rather theatrical childhood because I grew up in and near New York City and my parents had a lot of old albums of show tunes and often took me to see plays on or off Broadway. They also had a lot of jazz albums from the 50s so I grew up hearing a lot of guys like Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis.
5. Who in your family are you closest to? Why? Quote something funny they've said. I love my family but there isn't one member I'm really closest to. My dad is funny but a lot of the time it's not what he says that's funny so much as the way he says it. I hope you don't think this answer is a cop out.

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