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(House kink fic. Rated NC-17, bigtime.)

"I can't believe you talked me into this."

"It's late, practically everyone we know is at home, neither of us has a case right now, and nobody's looking for us, Wilson, it's a perfect time to play 'Naughty Patient' with authentic props." House closed the door quietly, sat down on the edge of the gynecological table and started to take off his clothes. "And do it right, leave the white coat on."

"Even when you're subbing you're pushy." Wilson rolled his eyes.

"There should be some rubber tubing in one of the drawers, tie my feet to the stirrups with that." House was down to his t shirt and pushing down his jeans. "If you tie me too tight, I'll let you know in the usual way."

"Only you would pick that safeword." Wilson started getting undressed too, pausing to tie House's feet as per his instructions. By this time House was not only naked but in a full state of arousal. Wilson blinked in surprise. "God, you're in a hurry, aren't you?"

"Are you fucking kidding me, I've been thinking about this all damn day. Get my wrists. Yeah, that's perfect." House's voice got a little huskier. "I'm all yours, Wilson. Look at me. Don't even think about telling me you haven't wanted to get me like this, naked and helpless and waiting for you to do whatever you want with me?"

Wilson felt feverish and finished getting undressed, putting his doctor's coat back on but not wearing a stitch other than that. He opened up a satchel he'd brought with him, rummaged around briefly, and pulled out a peacock feather, and began to brush it with long, slow strokes over House's torso, paying particular attention to his asscheeks, which were partially suspended over the edge of the table. Deep moans issued from House's chest. "UUUUUUUUUUUhhhhhhhh, fuuuck, yyeeeaaaaaaahhhh...."

Wilson smiled, delved back into the bag and took out a small bottle of scented massage oil and a length of silk, and after lightly tickling House's balls with the silk, pulled it taut in his hands and tied it lightly but firmly around House's eyes. House gulped, "Wilson, I didn't say I wanted to be blindfolded!"

"No, but you did say something about me doing whatever I wanted with you. Just relax and enjoy it, I didn't hear you say the safeword."

"I'm not gonna say it yet, I wanna know what you're gonna do," House wasn't at all sure whether he should be nervous or turned on by this, when suddenly the last thing either he or Wilson expected happened.

The door began to open.

TBC, you can find the next chapters here:

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