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Just marking time here, waiting to see what the new House eppie will be like, in the meantime, here's more of...
Immobile (part 2)
(warning: mucho NC-17)

The door to the exam room opened and Cameron walked in while sipping a large plastic glass of iced tea. She almost did a spit take. She opened her eyes very wide at seeing House and Wilson caught in an obviously compromising situation but all she said was, "Can I play too, or is this game for boys only?"

Wilson looked very taken aback and sputtered but House laughed. "Cameron, you can definitely join us as long as you don't snitch to Cuddy or anyone else."

"Oh, don't worry, I wouldn't tell on you but you really should be more careful about locking the door if you're going to get up to these sorts of pranks," Cameron replied, giggling and starting to take off her vest and jewelry. She looked over at Wilson and gave him a big kiss while unbuttoning her shirt with one hand and tracing her other hand over his body, then she took a big slurp off her iced tea straw. "Either of you guys thirsty?"

"We just got started, I don't usually get thirsty until I've been going at it for a while, " said House. "Also, that smells like iced tea and I hate tea, it tastes like bong water!"

"Well, I can find some other use for it, you naughty boy," Cameron cooed, fishing a large chunk of ice out of the glass and using it to draw a line from the hollow of House's throat to circle around each of his nipples, then slowly down his soft flat belly.

House gasped and shivered from both cold and arousal. "Oh, christ!"

"He's not here right now," Wilson smirked and got a shaving brush out of his leather satchel, handing it to Cameron and silently but exaggeratedly mouthing the words "don't touch his scar" to her.

She nodded in understanding and began to tickle House's erection mercilessly with the shaving brush, only periodically moving away to use it on other sensitive parts of him before going back, stroking his shaft, his head and his foreskin until he was wriggling with passion. By this time she was also naked and Wilson took the opportunity to fondle her all over from behind.

After they had spent some time like this, Cameron leaned back a little, walked around to the other end of the table, and House felt a breast at his lips. He opened his mouth hungrily, licking and sucking and kissing, and Cameron groaned softly in response, while Wilson started using the massage oil all over House's body. "It's the edible kind, it's almond flavored," Wilson said teasingly, and then he and Cameron both began tongue-bathing House, who was in complete ecstasy by this point.


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