June 8th, 2008

Hugh Smile

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I'm feeling really burned out. I went to the annual Haight St. fair today and I usually have a really good time at that but it was kind of disappointing this year, too many people who just wanted money or something and not enough people partying, and none of my friends was there, which was really unusual. The music wasn't even as good as it normally is. Too many rappers.
I liked the "zombies in a mall" meme so much I'm turning it into a fanfic. You know that scene that shows up in about a zillion war, horror or western movies where the good guys are under siege and the hero says, "get out of here, save yourself", usually to whoever he's in love with? I've got House and Wilson in that scene. I'm not done writing it yet. I'll post it when I am.
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