August 6th, 2008

Hugh Smile

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I know I've made both points before here but I think they bear repeating. House says nobody changes. I used to be a homophobic christian and now I'm an atheist who has more GLBT friends than straight friends, if that's not change I'd like to know what the hell is. I agree that SOME things about people don't change; there may not be much difference between the little girl who wanted to hug Eeyore and the grown woman who wants to shag House. The other point set off by last night's ep, Amber is not a female version of House as far as I can see. He is actually quite witty and funny in his cynicism, (isn't that why we like him?) she isn't even mildly amusing. Also, he comes across as somebody who's been hurt a lot and she comes across as if she's had everything handed to her and expects it.
it's mini review time! Toy Boat cafe 401 Clement St., SF Nummy desserts here, the cake and ice cream are great, the staff is friendly and the place has a toy museum featuring toys ranging from Pee Wee Herman to weird toys from Japanese horror movies (think Godzilla, NOT Ju-On!). I dare anybody to walk in there and not find it fun.
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